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Nov 25, 2023

Doosan's ADT line up features new suspension, driveline and cab

Doosan has tweaked its ADT line up to deliver enhanced performance, reliability

Doosan has tweaked its ADT line up to deliver enhanced performance, reliability and comfort.

As the company's newest generation of articulated dump trucks, Doosan Infracore North America invested in significant research and gathered feedback from current customers to develop the new DA30-5 and DA45-5.

"We upgraded our previous Doosan DA40-5 articulated dump truck to a DA45-5 because the truck's maximum allowable payload has increased to 45 short tons," said Aaron Kleingartner, Doosan Infracore North America product and dealer marketing manager.

"The trend with articulated dump trucks has moved to the larger payload capacities, particularly in the 40 ton and larger range. Trucks in this size class regularly operate on large construction sites or in mining operations, so the new, bigger DA45-5 will fit nicely in these areas."

The frontsuspension of the new DA30-5 and DA45-5 has been updated to a hydro-gas,self-levelling system to improve performance and shock absorption. The truck'shydro-gas cylinders connect to pressure accumulators. The accumulators andhydraulic system replace previous shock absorbers and a rubber spring. The newsuspension includes a self-levelling feature and the ability to changecharacteristics by adjusting the pressure.

Also, theoverall height of the front suspension can be changed by adjusting thesuspension system pressure, which proves useful for lowering the transportheight of the ADT.

In the newest Doosan ADTs, common oil is used in the articulated dump truck's wheel hubs, tandem rear bogey and limited slip differential. The limited slip differential transfers the power to the left and right front wheels.

The differential automatically provides the highest torque to the wheel that has the best grip. An oil-bathed gear box at the rear of the truck is free swinging to allow maximum ground contact of the wheels for the best traction, power to ground and stability.

Thedriveline also now includes a new brake package for improved reliability andlower maintenance costs. Hardened steel bearings on the tandem bearing are now used in the manufacturingprocess to increase durability. The grease distribution system also enhancesthe bearing grease grooves to improvelubrication distribution and lower grease requirements by as much as 50 percent.

As partof the new braking system, a new transmission retarder adjustment lever wasadded to the right-hand side of the cab below the truck's steering wheel.Doosan DA30-5 and DA45-5 operators can choose from four levels of retarderforce, ranging from 25, 50, 75 and 100 per cent

As analternative, a keypad button is available and serves the same function as thelever. The truck's accelerator pedal continues to allow for quick retarder powerreduction with a slight press.

Both ADTs now come standard with an active payload measuring system. The system provides ADT operators with improved truck management and load optimization by helping to protect against extensive overloading. Operators can view each load's weight on the LCD screen in the operator cab.

An exteriortraffic light-style indicator alerts excavatorand wheel loader operators who are filling the ADT. They include three lights:red, yellow and green. This allows operators to identify how big the payload iscompared to how the material is piling up in the truck. If the green light isilluminated, the truck is within the rate of payload. If the yellow light isilluminated, the operator is within 10 per cent of the rate of payload. If thered light is illuminated, the operator has overloaded the truck.

Doosanalso adjusted key service and maintenance points on its ADTs to help operatorsperform required daily service checks and maintenance procedures. The trucks’fuel fill and DEF fill are now available at ground level.

The ADTpower module is more easily accessible to operators, it includes alockable battery disconnect switch and an emergency engine shutdown. A newwait-to-disconnect light allows the truck's cooldown sequence to finish and itsDEF purge to complete itscycle.

Acentralized maintenance panel is now accessible behind the left front tire.With ground-level access, operators gain access to thefollowing: level gauges for hydraulic oil and brake fluid; auto-lube system andgrease storage; transmission filters; drain ports and the oil sump. Furthermaintenance access on the platform level provides service to the hydraulicfilter, oil fill and system bleeder, transmission oil fill, brake fluid filland test ports.

Doosanredesigned its ADT cab interior to provide better ergonomics and more operatorcomfort, taking into consideration input from current owners and operators.

There are more than a dozen new features inside the completely new layout of the Doosan ADT cab to enhance the operating experience. These include a new dashboard with a modified shape and a soft-touch automotive material — making it easier to clean — and a high-quality finish and appearance.

Updates to the truck's vehicle control unit include more robust hardware, a faster processor, more input channels for customized functions or further technology developments and easy-to-connect, automotive-style connectors.

The newmonitor in the cab has larger gauges foreasier reading. User-friendly graphics and icons can be controlled by buttonson the display panel, which now has the capability to display multiple cameraviews for increased visibility. Operators can toggle through the menu to accessadditional information such as machine status, service and settings.

"Some ofour Doosan ADT customers install a second camera for a view of the truck's bodyand to better monitor the payload," Kleingartner said. "In addition to ourpayload measuring system, the second camera connection can helpoperators determine when the payload is near its proper level."

The DA30-5 and DA45-5 continue to be designed with a front-mounted turning ring to provide equal weight distribution to the front axle even during maximum steer articulating. This, together with a unique free-swinging rear tandem bogie, ensures equal distribution of weight to each wheel and allows permanent 6-wheel contact and drive for equal power distribution and excellent performance on difficult terrain.

The front-mounted turning ring, the tandem bogie and the truck's sloping rear frame deliver exceptional rough and soft terrain capabilities and avoids the need for electronic aids such as traction control.

Doosan articulated dump trucks are built at the Doosan manufacturing facility near Elnesvågen, Norway, about 375 km from Oslo.

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