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May 23, 2023

AAA Trailers are tailor

AAA Trailers has over a decade of experience in supplying customers across

AAA Trailers has over a decade of experience in supplying customers across multiple industries with all their tailored semi-trailer requirements.

Each industry is different, and that includes the operators within those industries. Customers have their own needs when it comes to shifting freight, and when a specific trailer cannot be sourced the result is often unwanted downtime that leads to lost production, income and even reputation.

AAA Trailers prides itself on being customer-focused and meeting their needs with tailored solutions across any industry where cargo needs to be moved by road.

The company manufactures, distributes and services the most appropriate trailer type for the job, and has an extensive product line of trailers loaded with performance and safety features.

From initial consultation and concept design through to assembly and testing, AAA Trailers works alongside customers to get the safest and most cost-efficient outcome.

All trailers supplied by AAA come with a standard 12-month warranty, and it can also register trailers for its New South Wales customers.

The company's products include drop decks, flat decks, low loaders, tags, curtainsiders, dollies, wideners, extendables and tankers.

Temporary permits can be made for new and unregistered trailers, which will include the time spent transporting the trailer to a different state, along with the time spent organising registration.

With a continuous stock of equipment, AAA Trailers provides the kind of rapid turnaround that is highly desirable in a result-driven climate.

Incorporating rigorous evaluation of each trailer into its work practice, AAA produces reliable equipment that adheres to the Australian design rules’ core focus on vehicle safety, as well as anti-theft and emissions technology.

For the transportation of excessively high cargo, a drop-deck trailer is essential to ensure compliance with height restrictions and to make it possible to pass under bridges, streetlights and road signs without danger of damaging either rig or cargo.

The AAA drop deck comes with pins featuring a 50mm coupling, spring suspension, drum brakes, three axles and LED lighting.

The drop deck with bi-fold ramps has a 45-tonne aggregate trailer mass (ATM) and 20-tonne gross trailer mass (GTM) capacity, a 50mm or 90mm two-position bolt K-Hitch with a FUWA K-Hitch airbag suspension, or the option of spring suspension, plus a 12-month warranty and a collection of optional extras.

The drop deck concrete panel trailer has a 50mm or 90mm king pin with airbag suspension and, like the drop deck with bi-fold ramps, it comes with a 12-month tyres and wheels warranty.

Flat decks, on the other hand, are a more basic trailer designed for transporting average loads across a variety of cargo, from containers to safely strapped loose supplies. This is among the most versatile trailers a business can own.

The 45-foot flat deck semi with pins and gates features drum brakes, spring suspension, LED lighting and a 12-month warranty on its tyres and wheels.

AAA's low loader drop deck with bi-fold ramps features a 50mm king pin coupling, spring suspension, drum brakes, three axles and LED lighting, while the quad-axle low loader widener (2.5–3.5m) has all of the same features, but with four axles.

When it comes to wideners, AAA Trailers offers a 45-foot drop deck unit (2.5–3.5m) with bi-fold ramps, with either spring or airbag suspension, and a quad-axle low loader widener (2.5–3.5m) with airbag suspension.

Again, both products feature a 12-month tyres and wheels warranty.

The AAA 45-foot extendable drop deck with bi-fold ramps is also available.

The trailers that AAA builds typically feature Evertek hydraulic ramps, which are suitable for various applications.

The company emphasises longevity and safety with the fitment of electronic braking systems (EBS) on each of its trailers. EBS is designed to add an extra level of safety due to its predictive nature, as it can detect if the vehicle will roll and, in some cases, slows down engine speed.

In addition, AAA has a strong focus on after-sale support. The company is proud to say it has rarely experienced major after-sale issues with a customer, due to the quality of its trailers and superior attention to detail.

AAA is especially proud of its relationship with many customers and its ability to offer professional, accurate, and timely advice and guidance on any trailer-related issue or upgrade requirement.

The company's focus is always on providing safe and reliable trailers, with the capacity to service and manage trailer fleets in a cost-efficient manner, ensuring unplanned downtown is kept to a minimum.