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Jun 25, 2023

Ukraine to gain three more IRIS

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29th September 2022 - 13:45 GMT | by The Shephard News Team

IRIS-T SLS launcher on MAN four-axle chassis. (Photo: Ukrainian MoD)

The latest government data from Germany shows that Berlin aims to send three additional IRIS-T air defence systems to Ukraine.

Information on the German government website, updated on 28 September, indicated that there is sufficient budget to fund the delivery of four IRIS-T systems at an undisclosed future date instead of one originally promised by Berlin.

However, this is still fewer than the ten IRIS-Ts requested by Ukraine in May.

Other new military aid planned for Ukraine includes 13 bridging systems (which would enable the Ukrainian Army to ford river obstacles in future counter-offensives) and 90 heavy-duty trailer trucks.

Among the support promised by Germany that has not yet been delivered are four PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers plus ammunition; two MARS II multiple launch rocket systems with ammunition; 20 launchers for 70mm rockets on pick-up trucks; 50 Dingomine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles; 12 Oshkosh M1070 tank transporters; 12 EW scanner/jammer systems; and more than 1,800 rounds of 155mm ammunition (including 255 Vulcanoprojectiles).

According to the German government, it approved export licenses worth €743.66 million ($722.29 million) for the period 1 January-26 September.

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