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Nov 21, 2023


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PROMEC is an engineering and manufacturing company operating in the railway bogies’ market. Our engineering staff designs and develops advanced bogie testing machines, trustworthy fixtures, and every critical workshop tool or equipment.

Our production covers:

PROMEC operates in accordance with international standards, and possesses the following certifications:

Our expertise covers every single critical element of the bogies’ lifecycle. We completely execute and manage the end-to-end process of bogie production, relying on extensive expertise in welding, machining, assembling and testing.

The bogie manufacturing process is accomplished entirely with workshop tools, fixtures and test presses designed by our engineering team and completely manufactured in our plant. Our production and organisation can easily fulfil customers’ every need.

PROMEC produces powered and non-powered bogies for all track gauges, including:

The bogie test press produced by PROMEC is designed to carry out the final testing for bogies. The press can be customised to perform tests for different bogie models. It features:

The PROMEC spring test press is a flexible and accurate testing device of bogie suspension coils. The load is applied hydraulically and data acquisition is controlled by a computer.

Springs are dynamically tested in a single automatic routine, data are collected continuously and test results are plotted graphically and compared to the ideal spring rate curve generating a printed inspection report. A metal ribbon, marked with spring data, is produced to be applied to the tested spring.

Features of our bogie spring test press include:

PROMEC designs and manufactures mechanic and hydraulic metalwork fixture systems for bogie production lines. Jigs and fixtures are developed with the aim of improving the effectiveness of workshop tasks.

Speed of job execution, accuracy and regular production quality are basic requirements we apply to fixture design and implementation.

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